Firman Generators – Are they the best generators on the market?

You can find many different generator brands around these days and knowing which is a quality manufacturer isn’t always easy. Firman is one of the most popular generator brands around today and their usual yellow and black design is one many people will recognise. 

Firman offers a wide range of different portable generators and while the majority of their machines will fall under this category there are some considerable differences in their generators. They have larger units that offer over 7000 watts of power and much smaller light-weight models with less than 2000 watts. 

Many of the generators in the Firman line offer dual-fuel functionality and they also have some inverter models as well. Basically, Firman offers quite a lot of variety when it comes to their generators but let’s take a little look at their history to find out more about them, shall we? That way you will be able to get a better feel for how they operate. 

Firman Generators – A History 

Firman is a subsidiary of Sinomach which is itself the more commonly known name of the China National Machinery Industry Corporation. I know it’s a little confusing but let’s take our focus back to Firman and what they do. 

Firman is a relatively new name in the generator market since it was only officially established in 2015 for business in America and Canada. However, the team behind Firman have been producing generators for other companies like Kohler so you can certainly trust their workmanship. 

So, far you might be thinking this all sounds pretty good but nothing outstanding from other manufacturers right? Well, Firman does have one particular niche that is certainly worthy of note because they manufacture all the components for their generators. Meaning they don’t rely on any outside parts they build everything. 

Firman builds all the essential components for their generators including the automatic voltage regulator, alternator, valve cover, guards and much more. This allows Firman to give a more reliable guarantee when it comes to their workmanship. They can also do more thorough testing of their appliances as well. 

The more thorough testing on offer from Firman helps ensure you are getting a more long-lasting and high-quality generator for your money. Firman has also been able to use their testing to improve the quality of their work and recently introduced a lot of new developments into their generators. 

Thinking of buying a Firman?

So, if you are interested in buying a Firman generator then I would strongly advise doing some research. Don’t worry though you can just click here to find out more information because I know a great resource you can use. 

The link takes you to the Best Generators website which is a dedicated up to date web platform for all kinds of generator news. All manufacturers are covered including Firman so if you are thinking of buying a Firman generator of any kind read some reviews and information to find out more. 


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