Essential Windows Software

Every gadget needs an operating system to the smooth functioning of the integral parts. This essential Windows software determines the healthy functioning of the computer. They protect the system from numerous threats thereby, increasing its performance and compatibility. Keeping the various functions in mind, we bring you 15 software that will successfully protect Windows Computer in 2018.

The Best In The Lot

Software programs are the core part of the device. It protects, saves and alerts the user about the well being of the computer they are using.

The list below gives a glimpse of the essential Windows software you should have in 2018. Make a note that most of the programs listed here work well with all Windows version.

  • The first one on the list is Google Chrome. It is a standard and a favorite browser for many. The best part about Chrome, it is compatible with all operating systems. Be it Android, Linux, Windows or even Mac- Chrome is free for all users. Multiple extensions and easy sync are the most notable features among others. So, you will be up to date throughout.
  • Who doesn’t love watching movies, videos or listening to music? VLC media player does the exact work for us in absolutely no cost. Moreover, it is compatible with all operating systems including Windows and Mac. It offers several numbers of features to make your experience even better.VLC media player
  • If you love personalizing your picture, by adding filters and edits, then Picasa is the right choice for you. Coming from the house of Google, Picasa is a must have editing tool in 2018.
  • Free Download Manager manages all the torrent downloads so the user can keep additional worries at bay. If Google Chrome is not enough for you, just go for Download Manager. It is compatible with all Windows operating system.

More Software Suites to Keep You Hooked to The Computer

Windows is one of the widely used operating systems. It comes with a plethora of features. An amateur or an expert must have them to keep the OS updated and in fashion. So, we will discuss other essential Windows software suites to use in 2018.

An excellent way to extract all compressed files is by using 7 Zip. It stores all compressed data and pictures in archives which user can access later. It can also read and review other archive formats.

No Operating System is complete without robust security software. In that case, choosing a strong antivirus is mandatory. Microsoft Security Essentials is a one-stop free solution to your worries and quarries.  It is a unit of Microsoft which aims to provide a thorough security check up to safeguard the P.C. It comes with easy guidelines and scans every document, files, folders, Pendrive minutely. Once the scanning is done, it sends a report to the user.

A handy software that every book lover must have in his computer is Sumatra Pdf reader. It allows the user to view, read and edit bits of documents in pdf, epub, ebook and XPS (print to file) formats. It comes free and takes less space(4Mb).

Sumatra Pdf reader

To enhance the user experience, we recommend you to use Rainmeter, an optimized desktop tool. From better graphics to weather and temperature check to time settings, it covers all. With its latest updates, Rainmeter is a game changer for Windows users.

Software Programs Tech Magnets Choose

Teamviewer is a friend you need for technical assistance. It offers voice chat and controls other computers. This software is essential if you are a novice user and need help with every step.

Junk or cookies in the browsing history can give you a severe headache if it is not cleared. To ease out the process, CCleaner is what you need for your Windows computer. It erases junks, temporary files, cache files, and other unnecessary files in no time.

The best part, it clears wrong registry files and removes the percentage of threat that can hamper the computer.

One of the popular software for the Windows computer in 2018 is ShareIt. People are already using it for their smartphones. It shares files, documents, videos, pics, and folders quickly. Global user ratings prove that ShareIt is the best WiFi transfer app.

Microsoft Office is one of the essential suits, that every Windows user should have. It offers a wide range of tools under its brunch.

Microsoft Office

We have MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint among others.  And all of us are aware of its utility.

Hence, it is a must-have sub-program for 2018. You will find a paid version for the Microsoft toolbox, but the unpaid version is available on the internet.

Need for a Good Antivirus Program

Needless to say, all the computers need a strong antivirus which provides all-round protection to the device. It is true that the Microsoft Security Essential is good but there are other security programs worth giving a try.

The leading ones in the market are Avira, Avast, Quick Heal, Kaspersky, etc. The pocket pinch for each security system will defer. Nevertheless, read through reviews before buying one.

In Support of Other Programs

All of us love messaging and staying in touch with our friends and other people. Nevertheless, we use WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Skype, etc.

Web developers are using Cloud to a great extent. By the same token, the use of Dropbox is also increasing. It provides a storage of 2GB  and the user can increase it by referring more friends to use it.

With this exhaustive list, we come to the end of the post. Hope you enjoyed and liked it.