Essential ingredients for developing an eLearning Platform

What is an eLearning Platform?

Electronic learning or digital learning has picked up humongous popularity recently, and for all the correct reasons. Recent years have witnessed an exponential rise in the offerings promised by intuitive learning softwares because they present a highly engaging, fun and interactive way of learning things. An online learning or eLearning platform is simply an integrated set of services that provide educators, trainers, children and others with education and relevant information for a subject they long for. This is done with the help of digital information, new age tools and valuable resources that can enhance the information delivery and its management. Learning management systems are an example of eLearning platforms delivering video streaming services.   

With the advent of OTT service providers, the current market is flooding with OTT platforms offering eLearning platform services. New age disruptors also allow a host of other services through which you can opt to live broadcast your online courses, webinars and even live events with your own personalized eLearning platform. You might also opt for services providers who offer just an interface to interact with your audiences, but do check beforehand that it fits your business requirements. So, it’s upto you to choose the best eLearning platform service provider.

Choosing the eLearning platform

The sole purpose of a successful , simple and easy eLearning platform is that it should offer a robust and interactive learning experience, similar to a classroom experience but at the comfort of your own home and privacy. Elearning platforms offer several experiences which are similar to a traditional classroom such as face-to-face interaction with the presenter or educator, QA sessions, one-on-one discussions, collaborations, interactive projects and more. And just like in the classroom, your platform should encourage students to learn in a fun way. Give students the tools necessary to debate illogical arguments so that they can defend their points of view when there is a controversy.

These experiences take place via the internet, over your preferred device such as a tablet, laptop, PC or smartphone. The platform that you choose to promote your business must be able to host a variety of content formats to address the exact requirement of your end-user. This generates a deeper level of engagement with your prospective students or audiences.

Essential building blocks for your personal eLearning platform

Learning styles vary from learner to learner and so does the content format which may range from videos, articles, interviews, live broadcasting, webinars, presentations and simulations. Similarly your eLearning platform should also be dynamic in nature with a diverse set of options for communication modules. Such modules will allow your potential learners to boost their performance and increase knowledge-retention levels. But before implementing a seamless and fruitful process, you need to take care of certain building blocks which are really helpful to begin with, these are:

User Experience

The success that you get from streaming eLearning videos comes partly from the content you are delivering and mostly from the user experience you are offering. This makes it important for you to choose that OTT service provider who can pay attention to the smallest of the details in your requirements, such as an intuitive navigation of content for your audience, menu style and structure, player type and final delivery of the content.

Until a few years back things have been on the experimental phase, where never before features were envisioned and tested to improve the user experience. The recent advent of OTT service providers have strongly shown the impact of the user experience on the eLearning business. As we have converged from the conventional TV era to the smartphone era features like autoplay, continuous playback, seamless streaming, wishlists / watchlists, AI based suggestions, cross platform compatibility, live replay, ad insertion and push notifications have firmly escalated the popularity of the modern day eLearning platforms. Right now, you can simply continue a learning session and indulge into another session simultaneously or even schedule it.

Clearly defining your product

The first and the last person to have a crystal clear picture about the objective to be achieved is you. You need to have a clear idea about the consumer proposition and what exactly you need to achieve and extract from your user base, you need to be focussed on the deliverables of your eLearning platform.

In case of news users, there is no specific time slot for the content viewing, while if you are delivering complex engineering classes to the working professionals, you might need to broadcast it at a later time in the evening. Similarly interactive education programs for kids need to be broadcasted on weekends whereas skill based courses for freelancers can streamed at any point of time, depending upon where the majority of your audience hail from. 

The effectiveness of the platform is clearly based upon your planning and development. However, secondary things can always be modified at a later stage, if found not to be working as expected. Building an eLearning platform without proper ground work and necessary planning can significantly result in increasing costs and minimal or no returns.

Safety and reliability of the Learning Management System

This is the age of digital security and there is no alternative to an unsafe eLearning platform. Safety, security and privacy is something which is right now the top priority of every OTT provider and companies offering eLearning services for videos. You need to have a very keen eye on how your eLearning platform would be handling sensitive information. The smallest of the security breaches have the capability to cripple down an entire ecosystem, furthermore can pose a severe threat to the brand value and image. Opting a blockchain based platform, such as Phando, could really be a relief as blockchain provides ultimate video security with digital watermarking for all your video content. Digital watermarking is a globally trusted video security solution which uses smart contract technology and mitigates the global menace of video piracy. By limiting video piracy you can also contribute towards an effective economy and re-circulate values worth billions of dollars held by piracy.

Also, it is important to ensure that your eLearning platform is integrated with the right security protocols, SSLs and firewalls to protect your content and your user’s personal information. Irrespective of the fact whether you are a large enterprise or a startup building your first eLearning platform addressing these security related issues would help you in building the appropriate eLearning platform

Customized experience, personalization & Big Data

Personalization is the need of the hour and by utilizing big data technology, you can really deliver your content in an unique and personalized way. To personalize your eLearning platform, UI is the most important thing that you need to take care of. UI centric platforms leverage artificial intelligence to design models based on the demography based big data, which can later on be implemented on the platform to maximize user experience.

Capturing data to target audiences is an old practice, however, implementing it the correct way improves the user experience significantly. Moreover what’s new? It is the usage of that data to segregate and categorize your user base and provide them bespoke experience. This AI based big data enables you to deliver a totally different experience, keeping in mind which content type is preferred by which segment of the audience.

Words of wisdom

The digital world has constantly been in a state of flux and with every emerging disruptor the game is changing. Some say that good things don’t come cheap while another segment believes in open-source development for maximum reliability. The final decision however will depend upon how you have designed your roadmap to success. Moreover, leveraging the progressive power of modern OTT providers to build a personalized, secure and intuitive eLearning platform, is definitely going to help you expand your business globally.