Domain Not Working – Fix It Immediately With Easy Hacks

DNS or Domain Name System Server helps to create a platform between the system as well as the internet within a private network. Therefore, if it fails to work, then the internet connection won’t be established. As a result, you might face severe internet issues, such as website stops responding, Email accessing problem, etc.

Major Domain Issues

There are some common issues responsible for the Domain Server errors. If any of the following occurs during the registration and setup process, Domain becomes unresponsive.

  • If the Domain is expired, then it stops to work.
  • Moreover, the expired host service is another barrier for domain service.
  • Domain fails to work while the correct Domain Name is not registered within the propagation period. Therefore, an incorrect Domain server settings become a major problem in connecting to a Domain.
  • Propagation delay is another reason behind the Domain server related problems.

Fix Domain Issues With Technical Troubleshooting Steps

There are a few steps that can help you to resolve the severe Domain issues and give you the idea on how to set up the Domain Settings without any hassles.

Modify The Server Settings

  1. Make sure that you are using a static IP for the server. Now, tap on the Start button and launch the Start menu.
  2. Choose Settings (Gear icon) from it and click on the Network and Internet settings option.
  3. Under it, you will find another Change Adapter Settings from the left panel of the window.
  4. Tap on the network name by which you have connected your device(LAN/Wi-Fi).
  5. Right-click on it and choose the option Properties.
  6. Under the Networking tab, you will find connection status. Click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4).
  7. Next, click on the Properties tab and give the check mark next to the Use the Following IP Address.
  8. After that, you need to enter a correct IP address that must be unique and confirm it by tapping on the OK button.
  9. Activate the option Use the following DNS server addresses and choose the correct one.
  10. Tap on the OK button twice to close the active windows.
  11. Then, open the Command Prompt window in admin mode by typing “cmd” in the search box.
  12. In the resultant window, type the command “Ping” and gove the search engine name after leaving a space of the command. Hit Enter key to run the command when domain not working.
  13. The process will find out the server problem if exists any and remove the server connection issue.

On The Client Machine

  1. On the client machine, press the Windows key and launch the Start menu.
  2. Again, open the Network and Sharing Center and go to the Network and Internet options.
  3. After that, choose the Network Adapter Settings from the left pane of the window.
  4. Open the Network Connection(Ethernet/Wireless Network) Properties window and go to the Networking tab.
  5. Here, you can see the network status and remove the check mark from the TCP/IPV6.
  6. Similarly, enable the TCP/IPV4 and click on the Properties tab.
  7. Here, enter the detailed DNS Server addresses, such as the Static IP and set as the secondary DNS.
  8. Click on the OK button to close the Network Properties window.
  9. Once done, right-click on This PC icon and launch the Properties window by tapping on those specific options.
  10. Click on the option Advanced System Settings from the left pane of the window.
  11. In the resultant System Properties window, click on the tab which specifies the System details.
  12. Now, click on the Change button from the same page and change the domain name of the local computer when domain not found.
  13. On the processing window, type the domain controller name in the Type in a window under the Member Of section.
  14. Finally, click on the OK button and modify the Client settings.

Activate A New Domain

  1. Go to the DNS Management page and tap on the Domain Name from the list.
  2. Under the Name Server section, click on the Host Names.
  3. Enter the hosting provider’s nameservers in those specific fields.
  4. When done, click on Save to apply the changes.

Clear Browser Cookies

  1. Click on the browser icon and launch it on the screen.
  2. Now, tap on the Customize and Control button.
  3. Choose the option More Tools.
  4. Click on the Clear Browsing Data from the sub-menu.
  5. In the resultant window, you will get a list of searched items and pages with their accessing date and time as well as files sizes.
  6. Choose the specific items which you want and click on the tab Clear Data. To make the browser cache empty, click on the option All instead of selecting the specific one.
  7. The process will take several minutes to finish the entire process. Once done, close the browser window and relaunch it.

How Long Device Takes Time To Connect Domain?

  • In the case of the newly registered domain, the propagation time is more or less 24 hours. If you modify the domain name, it takes a few times more than the propagation period. It might happen due to creating a smooth interface between the client domain and the internet.
  • Domain name set up process will take time approx 24-72 hours if you have no IP.  In the case of the non-IP address, it is a lengthy process. Therefore, propagation delay you may face as it shows in the WHOIS database before propagating to the root Domain Name System Servers.
  • If you have an IP address and all the remaining things associated with the Domain is configured properly, it takes time up to 48 hours.

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Is WWW a CName?

CName signifies a Canonical Name Record that points to the domain address rather than the IP address. Instead of creating the recodes for reach domains, and connect with the IP, the CName makes it simple to search.

Cname targets the subdomain name by removing the domain hosting, such as WWW. Therefore, the address can directly hit the web pages within a fraction of second.


In the above article, we have discussed the Domain Name System along with ts possible conflicts. Moreover, we have given full solution against those possible problems. We hope, this context will be beneficial for you to remove the Domain server error effectively.


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