Choosing the Right Auto Dialer Software for Call Center Operations 

One of the tasks that call centers must handle is outbound calls to generate leads or to carry out surveys. This is where the auto dialer in the call center software kicks in and helps you plan and implement outbound calls with efficiency provided you get the right one. Here is how you can choose the right auto dialer for your operations. As can be seen, auto dialer types vary so which one suits your operation best is the one for you. 

Progressive auto dialer

Your call center software may have progressive auto dialer. This type of dialer will keep track of the list and the agent’s activity and it will place a call only when an agent is free to handle it. Intelligent progressive dialers have a measure of smartness in that they may be able to determine if an agent on one call is nearing the end of the conversation and will dial out a number, detect if a human is on the other end and have the call ready for the agent. This type of dialer is good for high value campaigns. 

Predictive auto dialer

If managing your resources and agent skills is important then the predictive dialer proves its worth. You may have contact center software with a single line or parallel queuing in the same campaign. Most predictive auto dialers work on an algorithm that initiates a call at the right time, considering the time an agent spends on one call. It can detect if there is an answering machine at the other end and skip to the next number. If you are conducting a mass campaign with huge number of calls to make then this predictive dialer could be the one for you. 

Preview auto dialer 

If you are following up on leads or conducting surveys then the preview feature could be quite helpful. This type of auto dialer gives agents a preview of the target’s details prior to initiating the call so they can decide whether to call that number immediately or take on another one that requires priority. The preview dialer helps maximize conversions or satisfy customer since an agent is fully prepared to take on the conversation. 

Extra features to look for 

Majority of call center solutions incorporate one or the other type of auto dialer but it is the extra features that make all the difference and which you should check before you commit: 

  • Call scheduling so that targets receive calls when it is convenient for them to talk and also reduce load on agent
  • Robo dialer that dials, detects if it is a machine or human at the other end, and drops a voice message or text message. 
  • CRM integration is a must so that details can be presented on the screen for the agent to view and transactions of a call go right back into the CRM for further analysis or follow up by the agent or another person. 
  • Call recording and analytics, similarly, must be present so that you can analyze calls and find areas that need improvement. 

For call centers that must handle outbound campaigns the auto dialer becomes a very important feature of the call center software. Pick the software that has the right type of dialer and you will experience improved productivity.