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Webcams are trendy these days. Someone or the other use a WebCam to video call their near and dear ones. Webcams are versatile- from videography to live chatting, its uses are numerous. So what if a powerful software is incorporated with it?

Surely, it can do a lot more and that too with a greater efficiency.

A WebCam software comes with a various number of features. Each of them aims to smoothen our webcam usage and provide amazing features.

All latest versions of WebCam software are available in the Windows app store. Installing these apps from the store is easy. One can take full advantage of these apps in their daily life. Here is some recent Webcam software.

Logitech WebCam Software

The download rate of this software is maximum among all other WebCam software. As it is one of the best WebCam software, it is in high demand by the users.

Earlier it was called ‘Quickcam Express.’  This software generally comes as the driver or utility group for Logitech WebCam users. To use this software, you must have an updated WebCam driver. Or, the software may show an incompatible error.


It is another fantastic WebCam software for Windows operating system. It compatible with all versions of Webcams thus, making videography and live chatting easy. Once you set up this software, the Webcam will detect and connect automatically.


This software gives attention to live feeds specifically to video-calling and chat. It eases the webcam usage and the menu list is easy to navigate too. This software is available in both open and paid versions.

Its updated versions come with video-calling ease and efficient snapshot function.  It introduces amazing features such as IP camera streamings, effects, filters, etc.


With SplitCam, you can enjoy overall premium functions without paying a dime. Apart from living video streaming, you can make certain changes to previously recorded videos too. You can choose your video resolution accordingly and as per your internet quality.

CyberLink YouCam

YouCam is one of the finest webcam software introduced by CyberLink. The best part is its added security and feeds privacy feature. Your live video chatting and streaming are kept safe and you can go for private streaming too.

In addition, you can change the overall quality of the video with added-filter. Its superior efficiency is marked by powerful video editing features, HD support, easy live feed controls, etc. Moreover, YouCam update is automatic. You do not have to perform a manual update each time.


webcam software

Surely, not to be confused with CyberLink YouCam. It is one of the most comprehensive platforms of WebCam software available for Windows. It includes a clear and user-friendly interface unlike another WebCam software with a stuffed interface, Furthermore, aside from being a fantastic WebCam software, it has many effective editing mechanisms.

IP Camera Viewer

It gives some extra features along with Live streaming and Video Chatting. The primary functionalities of this Camera viewer is it offers an excellent surveillance opportunity. It protects your home and workplaces via IP Cameras.

Final Thoughts

Every webcam software has their unique perks. We have some of the best Windows friendly webcam software available for all version. Surely, the choice is going to be a tough one.

But with proper research, you can easily choose the best one your Windows laptop. As a recent research suggests, we have a number of changes coming our way. All you need to do is stay updated with me and let me know in the comments