Best Online Stock Broker for Beginners


Stock trading is a popular form of investment in the United States. It involves trading securities. You can transact on your own or through a stockbroker. About 9 percent of high-income families in the U.S. owned stock as of this year, according to the Federal Reserve. Trading securities is a challenge for many beginners. It is important to select a licensed online equity trader. The following are the six best online stock brokers for beginners.

6 best Online Stock Brokers For Beginners


  • Acorns


Acorns help stock traders review purchases. It provides different Robo-advisors and options that newbies can use to create profitable portfolios. The firm is ideal for people who want to passively master investing in stocks rather than online trading exchanges. It has an automated system that doesn’t need you to top up accounts manually.


  • Vanguard


Retirement investors who have high account balances often utilize Vanguard. The stockbroker has low exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and express ratios on index funds. It is appropriate who are interested in long-term stock trading. Vanguard is suitable for beginners as it has various investment options that facilitate long-term growth. It offers tips on where you need to focus when you are getting started. Besides, the firm has a complex program that predicts when you will retire and estimates your monthly expenses.


  • Fidelity Investments


Fidelity Investments enlightens beginners about new stock market opportunities that they can utilize to advance in stock trading. It provides reduced fees without commissions on securities, option trades, and ETF. The online stock broker has assets under management (AUM) that are worth more than $3 million. It provides two money market funds and full banking capabilities.


  • Charles Schwab


The full-service broker ranks high in fees, offerings, and services. It is appropriate for investors who want a well-rounded stockbroker. The firm offers insights and educational resources to all traders. It was the first stockbroker to stop charging a commission on ETFs and stock in 2019. Moreover, Charles Schwab has exceptional customer support. It often organizes workshops in all branches.

Charles Schwab recently released Intelligent Portfolios, a Robo-advisor platform that can manage portfolios on behalf of traders. It offers a Client Concierge and guidance to help beginners sort their initial priorities. Schwab is appropriate for trades who are interested in options and stocks as it provides reports and research from Market Edge and Morningstar.


  • Robinhood


Robinhood is a perfect choice for beginners who don’t want to pay stock trading fees. You can download its application on your phone and trade at home. Also, you can create watchlists to track stocks that you are interested in. But, you need to pay a deposit to begin trading. The online broker doesn’t have account minimums.


  • Merill Edge


Merill Edge doesn’t need investors to make a deposit before they open an account. It provides great customer service, research, and charges low fees. Investors get free ETF, option trades, and unlimited online stock with their Preferred Rewards program.


Online stock brokers such as Acorn, Vanguard, Fidelity Investments, Charles Schwab, Robinhood, and Merill Edge are ideal for beginners. Compare the account minimums and trading costs of different brokers before you make the final decision. Some equity traders focus on advanced tools while others prioritize providing guidance and support.