Best Block Puzzle Types and Apps

Puzzles are games that stimulate the mind. Playing block puzzles can enhance the way you think, improve your mood, and relieve boredom. But to derive the maximum pleasure from playing a block puzzle, you need a good app and play the right type of game.

Here are some block puzzle types and apps you may need to know:

Block Puzzle Types

There are basically three types of block puzzle games;

  1. Sliding Block Puzzle

This game is a combination puzzle that requires players to slide flat pieces on a board to form a specific pattern or configuration. You need to find ways and open paths that blocks can move through. This requires skill and some little guesswork. Upon completion, the blocks may create a letter, picture, or number. An example of a sliding block puzzle is Sokoban.

  1. Falling Block Puzzle

Among the block puzzles genres, this is the most straightforward game. It requires you to maneuver falling objects from the top of the screen into a specific position. You can install this puzzle on most low memory mobile devices. An example of this puzzle is Tetris.

  1. Advancing Block Puzzle

In this type of puzzle, pieces of blocks advance onto center blocks from one or more sides. Your work as the player is to prevent the pieces from reaching the opposite side of the block. An example of this puzzle Zuma.

Block Puzzle Game Apps

If you’re a smartphone user, you can download many block puzzle game apps from online stores. Most of them have good stories and graphics that add to the fun. Here are some of the best block game apps that you may consider to narrow down your search.

  1. Block Puzzle Box

This app has a tetra, hexagon, and square shapes. In this game, you can select different playing modes such as slide bricks, merge blogs, drag, and merge tense.

  1. Block Triangle

The block triangle combines the classic tangram with the modern block puzzle. In this game, you’re required to drag triangular blocks to fill the board.

  1. Hexa Puzzle

The block Hexa puzzle is exciting and may help you pass the time. This game aims to drag colored hexagon-shaped pieces and fit them in a frame. This game offers you easy levels to hone your skills and difficulty levels to keep the game challenging.

  1. Wood Block Puzzle

This is a classic wood-style puzzle. It requires you to fit wooden blocks with different shapes into a grid. Filling and completing each grid makes the blocks to crumble.

  1. BlockuDocku

This game is similar to the Sudoku 9 x 9 board game. It requires players to drag blocks onto a board until it’s clear. Once the clarity is achieved, the game ends.

The Bottom-line

These puzzles come in various types and are also played differently. Some puzzles will allow you to fill blocks in rows and columns, while others will require you to match a sliding block or position a falling one. To master the game well, you need to read the tutorials and practice. Also, the key to mastering difficult levels in a short time is playing consistently.