Benefits of Investing in Trademark for your business

Trademark is any sign, logo, sound, symbol or more under which a company can carry out its activities. It helps people in identifying different companies. Trademark registration comes with a number of advantages. The unregistered trademarks can betray you at any time. That is why it is advised to register the trademarks as soon as possible.

trademark registration in uae

Here are some of the benefits of trademark registration in UAE;

Ownership over the mark

When you register a trademark in Dubai, you get the ownership over it. In this way, you get to have a hold on all the services and products that are served under the trademark of the company. A registered trademark is an open proof of the ownership.

A valuable asset

A registered trademark is a valuable asset which can be transferred to others as well. An unregistered trademark cannot be sold or transferred to any other company but a registered one surely can.

A gift

As mentioned above, a trademark is a valuable asset which makes it really important. A person can gift the trademark to someone else in the will.

Trademark licensing

The use of a trademark can be licensed as per the owner. An unregistered trademark cannot be licensed and the user is also not prohibited in case of the unregistered trademark.

The value in the balance sheet

Being an asset, a trademark’s value can be reflected in the balance sheet of the owner. If the trademark is unregistered, it cannot be reflected in the balance sheet of the company.

Rights across UAE

If you register your trademark in UAE, you get the rights all across the UAE. It means you will be able to sue anyone who tries to infringe the trademark rights. For that, a person will have to prove his ownership through the registration. In case of an unregistered trademark, the owner gets to rights over the mark for that you should get a trademark expert in uae like: Farahat & Co.

Criminal offence

If anyone carries out any activity under the trademark in an improper way, he will be held accountable for it. This doesn’t happen in the case of an unregistered trademark. This makes the owner take wise decisions under the trademark which are right according to the legalities in UAE.

No infringement

If you register your trademark, you get to stop anyone who infringes or tries to infringe your trademark rights. Also, the owner can file cases against the people who try to infringe the trademark rights of a business. In this way, the business can save its reputation while providing the best quality services to the public.

Trademark registration is a huge step towards the betterment. It helps the company in gaining rights over its name. in this way, the company gets to limit its use. This makes the company in providing the best services while keeping an eye over them. Also, it makes the company in gaining a better reputation in the whole market. This is the reason why the companies are always encouraged to register their trademarks and get benefit from it.