Bad Reviews From Google? Delete Feedback That Violate Google’s Review Guidelines

The problem with bad reviews is that it has the potential to defame your company altogether. Just one bad review is sufficient to destroy the reputation of you and your business. So, for that, I present you the cheat.

Now, a user may have left poor feedback about your company, the services which you provide, or anything which can come down with poor reviews.

But, that may be earlier, you may have improved your ideas or practices since then. And any poor feedback can work against all your hard work. So, the deletion of those poor reviews is your only savior.

Furthermore, such destructive reviews can also breach the review regulation of Google. So, all you must do is eradicate those altogether. And I am here to present you how. Just bear with me throughout this piece.

Why Such Reviews?

People leave poor feedback for many reasons. Probably they have been mistreated or they did not have quite the experience they were looking for.

However, it so happens that most of the reviews are fake and just posted to defame the organization due to some petty inconvenience which the customer went through.

Moreover, some even add extra events which never happened but doing that would just give them their kicks while defiling you before millions of viewers.

Furthermore, such poor reviews tend to infringe the review guidelines of Google. And therefore, any entrepreneur would seek ways to remove such inappropriate feedback.

Flag Inappropriate Reviews

Feedbacks that breach the review regulations of Google can be eradicated from the option which says Google My Business listings. Just read the underlying instructions in order to locate your listing.

You can flag feedback or reviews in plenty of places. And this article takes you through all the areas for complete eradication.

Key Essentials before you Begin

Now, before heading to the actual task, make sure you check and follow the underlying instructions dedicatedly.

  • Inspect the Policy

Firstly, make sure to flag only those reviews which breach the policies of Google. Also, do not, strictly flag a review because you simply don’t like it or despise the attitude.

Google abstains from getting indulged when merchants, as well as customers, who refuse to agree to facts. Now, this is because there is no trustworthy way to detect people who are transparent about specific customer experience.

Moreover, it is best if you read the policy before proceeding to flag any review.

  • KeepPatience

Why so? Because it can take some days for a single review to be assessed and gauged thoroughly.

However, make a note of some of the essentials that I want you to know. Continue reading.

You simply cannot flag reviews of third-party. In order to flag an indecent third-party provider directly, make sure to click the name of the reviewer for redirecting to the website of the third-party. Now, soon after the review is modified or removed at the website of a third-party, you will notice those alterations present on the business profile that you possess on Google Maps.

Flag a Review in your Account

In case you discover a review which you think infringes the policies of Google review, you can choose to easily flag it in order to remove. Now, this follows the assessment of the review which you marked. After that, possibly, it will be erased from your listing.

Now, for doing that, there is one single way. But, you must do it for two different devices. For desktop as well as for mobile phones.

So, stick to them properly.


  • First of all, you must sign in to the account of Google My Business.
  • And then, in case you hold several listings, make sure to launch the location which you’d like to manage.
  • After that, from the menu, click on Reviews.
  • Next, locate the review which you’d want to flag. And then, click on More, the three dots arranged vertically. Flag or mark them as inappropriate.


Now, it is time to discuss smartphones.

  • On your tablet or smartphone, make sure to launch the My Business app.
  • Then, tap on Customers and then the option for Reviews.
  • Next, locate the review that you’d like to flag.
  • Finally, tap on the option for More and flag the review.

Flag a Review in Google Maps

Google Maps is yet another place in which one can leave a remark about your organization. However, you must flag them as well. Glance through this section to find answers on how to flag them in Google Maps.

Just implement the underlying steps dedicatedly.

  • At first, make sure to launch Google Maps.
  • Then, locate your business listing.
  • After that, find the review that you’d want to flag.
  • Next, click on More which is the three dots icon set vertically.
  • Finally, click on the option to Flag it as inappropriate content.

Spam Detection

Google employs automated spam identification measures in order to eradicate the reviews which are spam.

Even though legitimate reviews are, at times, unethically removed, such spam prevention techniques assist in improving or enhancing people’s experiences on Google.

They do this by ensuring that the reviews which they view are relevant, authentic and useful.

It’s a Wrap

Following each instruction which I mentioned in this article, you can easily discard and shut off poor reviews which can bring you down. Now, there is no stopping for you to grow. And if it helps, make sure to take any such bad feedback and use them positively to work on yourself and the organization.

Those will only give you closure and you can curb your conduct according to those. So, keep those points in mind before you report them to Google. You may also visit: Service host Superfetch