Bed Bug

In the musty and high-humidity weather of Dubai, bed bugs are one of the common pests that you will most likely find in every household. And, during the night, these bed bugs crawl out and climb to your bed, searching for food. Moreover, pesky insects, bed bugs, bite and can hitch to your clothes and travel from one place to another.

Consequently, you can pretty much unknowingly bring bed bugs from any public places including movie theatres, hotels, and so on. So, now you might be wondering what are the luring factors due to which these bed bugs keep on coming.

So, today we are going to enlighten you with the possible causes that attract bed bugs. And, before you eradicate these harmful pests with the assistance of top-rated pest control service in Dubai, get in-depth information about the reason behind bed bug infestation in certain places.

4 Underlying Reasons Behind Bed Bugs attracted to Humans

Bed bugs require the blood from the warm-blooded creatures to survive and humans are more prone to their attack. And, generally, these insects have 2-3 months of longevity. During this short life span, they search for continuous food resources and a place to reside. Usually, bed bugs are widely known for being excellent hiders and prolific breeders.

And, mostly, you will get to see these blood-seeking insects near their food source. For instance, these wingless-small insects find their places in your bed sheet, mattress, cracks and crevices in box springs, and so on.

Furthermore, these harmful creatures can typically be carried out as well inside your home, by you, your guest or with their belongings such as suitcases, purses or coats. Here are the reasons why they find humans so alluring:

  1. Attracted to Carbon-Di-Oxide

Yes! You heard that right! Bed bugs are especially attracted to human beings, simply because we generate carbon dioxide. And, these small insects are more likely to find their way in the areas where they can attain a high level of carbon dioxide. Generally, these insects tend to bite humans when they leave their body inactive. Because, during this time, we, humans engage in minimal activities or movements which hold the carbon dioxide around us.

  1. Seek Warmth

Unlike pests like cockroaches, you won’t find bed bugs in the contaminated or grimy areas of your house. Because creatures like them are more likely attracted to the body-warmth of humans. So, get in touch with pest control Dubai to overcome the pests problem.

Moreover, the top-ranked pest control exterminators take reasonable pest control service prices to critically inspect the surroundings of beds. Because areas like headboards have a high chance of bed bug infestation, it is approximately close to your bed.

  1. Dark Bed Sheets

You might not be aware of this, but bed bugs like to dwell in dark surroundings, where there is little or no light that can be reached. And, from a recent survey, it was analyzed that bed bugs find certain colors luring, including red and black. So, whenever you get a sign of bed bug, schedule an appointment with the nearest pest control service in Dubai.

  1. Attracted to Contaminated Laundry

In the absence of human beings, the bed bugs get easy access to your spoiled and musty laundries. Moreover, a stack of grimy laundries can be the starting point of the bed bug infestation. These uncleaned laundry items can be the carrier of harmful diseases and germs which can cause hazardous health problems. So, it is recommended to accumulate these laundries and clean it with proper cleaning products.

Furthermore, you can also avail professional help from the pest control Dubai. They can effectively eliminate all the bedbugs from your house using non-chemical based products and insect traps. Thus, safeguarding you as well as your family’s health.


It is crucially important to prevent a pest invasion. And, bed bug prevention is much easier than eliminating pests from heavily infested residential buildings or commercial centers. Further, it takes a lot of time to entirely remove all the bed bugs from a certain place. So, you will need guidance from the pest control Dubai experts to win against the bed bugs.

Join hands with them and they will take over the rest, assuring you a bedbug-free environment. Spend a few bucks depending on the pest control service price and get a high-end result in return!