Accidentally Deleted Files And Folders From Mac? See How To Restore This In One Go

Deleted file or folder from Mac accidentally? How many times in your lifetime do you face this annoying issue?

Do you know any suitable way to get rid of this? It doesn’t matter whether you have removed the files mistakenly or intentionally. There are chances that you look for and get through the deleted files on Mac.

Majority of the files which you delete is there inside the trash bin. By applying suitable steps you can easily restore it without any hassle.

If the trash can is left vacant, you can easily retrieve the lost files on Mac without using the software. You can perform this easily with the help of Time Machine backup files, Undo options, as well as terminal command.

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If the above 4 ways fail to serve the purpose, you can go out and try to recover the lost files using the prescribed steps which we will discuss now.

Therefore, please check out under-mentioned details before opting for any professional help.

How can you Retrieve the Lost Files on Mac Even When the Trash is Empty?

Follow the under-mentioned guideline to recover the deleted files without any hassle. Therefore, please check the steps on how to restore the deleted files.

Part 1: Choose the Deleted Files

  1. In order to begin the process, you have to launch the Recover Deleted Files Mac tool. You can view all the supported files.
  2. After that, look for the unwanted ones. This is not at all time taking. Moreover, this will save a huge amount of time for scanning your Mac for the target files. However, if you don’t like, uncheck them. Try to be patient while the scanning is underway.
  3. The time for the entire process varies since this is solely dependent on the number of files.
  4. After that, click the Start button in order to get through with the removed files on macOS X.

Part 2: Choose Hard Drive for Scanning

In the next window which appears after you click on Start, contains all the drivers. You have to choose disk/volume where will you find the target files.

After that, click on Scan for the purpose of scanning and recovering the deleted files.

Part 3: Preview and Recover Deleted Mac Files

After you scan the process, you can view all the files available in the main window. From there, you have to click on the file category available on the left-hand side.

Now, preview the files available on the right-hand side. Furthermore, search for the target one and press Recover in order to save them. 

How to Retrieve Deleted Files on Mac from the Trash?

If you are unable to vacate the trash and removed the files recently, then it’s time to retrieve the lost files on Mac.

For that, take the mouse over the icon of the Trash bin. Now, you find the deleted files from the available list. When you get through the target files, you need to drag them to the desktop.

Otherwise, you right-click on them and choose Put Back option in order to retrieve the lost files on Mac from the trash.

Please take into account that you have only 30 odd days to retrieve deleted files from the day when you have removed them. After that, Mac will remove those files permanently. And, this procedure is automatic.

How to Get Back the Lost Files Without Using Time Machine?

Some people want to vacate the trash after the removal of files on Mac. This will lead to the removal of files permanently.

However, you can recover the deleted files easily and effectively. Special thanks to Time Machine backup files. So, follow the under-mentioned steps with rapt attention to do this now.

  1. First of all, click on the Spotlight icon available at the top-right corner of the Mac. Now, enter “Time Machine” in the search bar and look for this tool.
  2. Look for the Time Machine in the search box and then click on it in order to open. After that, click on that folder where you want to keep the targeted files
  3. Now, you have to click on the upward arrow present on the right side of the Time Machine window. Move downwards and search for the backup files till you get the deleted ones.
  4. Finally, you need to hold the Command button in order to choose the target files. Now, click on Restore in order to get back the lost files on Mac.

However, if the targeted files are present in different folders, Mac will recover the deleted files if you repeat this process.

How to Retrieve Lost Files on Mac Using Undo Options

Majority of the Mac users try to remove the unwanted files in order to keep the driver free from those files while using PC. There are certain instances when we tend to lose certain significant files because of this action.

When this situation creeps in, and you don’t want to involve in some other work, then you can easily restore the deleted files on Mac using the Undo option.

This process appears to be very handy after you delete a file or folder. Also, this is not applicable after vacating the trash. Refer to Part 1 to know the detailed procedure.

How you can Retrieve the Deleted Files with the Help of Terminal Command?

The Terminal application of Apple is the direct interface to the bash shell of the OS X.

Therefore, you can perform many things with the help of the command prompt such as restoration of files, modifying the priority of the process, making new directories, modifying the file permission, etc.

The terminal command enables you to recover the lost files on Mac without the usage of any third-party software.

  1. Move to the Applications tab. After that, click on Utilities in order to open the terminal app.
  2. Now, write the Unix command “cd. Trash“. After that, click on the Return key present on Mac.
  3. Enter “mv name ../“. After that, hit the Return key. Take into account that you have to replace the name with the full name of the file you delete.
  4. Finally, enter “Quit” in the Terminal application.

If you are done with the recovery of the deleted files of Mac, you have to provide the deleted file name in the search bar in order to examine it.

Retrieve your Lost Data and Stay Safe

Now, you know the exact procedure to get back your lost data. All the basic guidelines are here, in this informative guide on how to get back your lost data through easy steps.

Files and folders form an integral part of your business. So, keeping them safe and distract the ingression of the spammers should be your first priority. That’s what this article is all about.

Moreover, you can refer to the user guide to get a quick look. Apart from this, you can provide your valuable feedback in the comment section.


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