A Short Guide to Digital Customer Acquisition

Digital age innovations have changed many aspects of our daily lives, including many business processes. Every business needs to gain loyal and new customers to make it thrive and digital customer acquisition is one of the ways to acquire them. 

Digital customer acquisition is the process of attracting and bringing new customers or clients to your business through the digital channels which, of course, boosts your brand’s awareness and sales to a great extent. In this article you will find out 5 ways on how to do that.

Know your audience

Defining your audience is essential for successful marketing to run. Do some background work to figure out what is the potential customer for your brand. What does your audience look like? Try to find out who they are, what they are interested in, what they need, what certain things do attract the most of their attention and what values they possess. Also, think about what is the leading way to communicate with your customers and what are the channels they use most. Knowing your target audience makes digital customer acquisition much more effective.

Personalize your products

In today’s noisy marketplace both customers and retailers find it challenging to differentiate themselves. That’s why now among mass-produced products, personalized products have emerged as a popular choice by businesses and consumers. Though, it’s not the easiest task for the merchants to personalize their products, they have an opportunity to do it with the help of Printify – best platform for print on demand. According to the 2017 online survey of 1,000 consumers ages 18-64, made by Epsilon, even 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences and 90% say that they find personalization appealing. To add up, it also establishes an emotional connection between the buyer and the product, which increases the brand’s growth, satisfaction rates and customers loyalty.

Identify your customers’ channels

It is extremely important to find out what are the right channels to reach your target audience. By limiting them, you can divide your resources much more productively. Try to identify the top three channels that your potential customers might be most affected by. Digital marketing channels can be:

  • Social media
  • Email marketing (personalized or drip campaigns)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 
  • Content Marketing (FAQs, blog articles, etc.)
  • Paid Advertising (online adverts through, Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads, etc.)

Using this strategy allows you to convince people to become your customers through the right channels.

Adjust Your Strategy & Control Your Costs

Identifying digital customer acquisition costs will help you run your identified channels smoothly. Using this strategy and analyzing your channels, will let you know if any of the selected channels cost you more than you have ascertained. If this happens, you will have to react and make a decision on how to adjust your strategies to diminish the costs. Ensure not to spend too much money to acquire new customers and that your strategy reaches expected results. Keep on tracking your channels to figure out which of them acquires the most customers at the lowest price.

Run a referral program

Offering various discounts, freemium versions or extra features to the consumers, you get their attention to purchase some products or services exactly from you. You can offer a freemium version of your product if you own a digital one. For instance, Spotify. It allows users to use a free version with ads, limited skips and shuffle playing of the songs, but also offers a month for free of the premium version. For example, Uber. It offers promo codes to save up to 25$ per 10 trips, 5$ off the first ride for new users or a free first ride with a code for the first Uber ride. Note that referral programs are important especially for newly established companies. 

Collect data

You are not able to assess anything in your acquisition strategies without data. Which channel brings the most customers? Which segment of customers purchases more products? Well, if you collect data and make a great effort to analyze it, you will surely be able to answer all important questions. When using such tools as Google Analytics, MailChimp or LeadMaster, they give you incredible insights about your customers’ behavior and enable you to develop your strategies further. 


A digital customer acquisition strategy is essential to build a stable and successful business. Try applying different methods to reach your target audience, to test the channels that work the best for you and analyze data to reach your goals. Once you start gaining new customers, you will be able to identify customer acquisition costs and reduce them to make your business more profitable.