A Guide on Getting Magnet Links to Work with uTorrent while using Google Chrome

We know what to do for downloading media files from the web thanks to the internet and the popular download manager. The torrent client downloads a file from the server in order to receive the information regarding the torrent index websites as well as where the client can conveniently download the pieces of data.

The torrent file is basically a data repository that holds essential information such as the leechers, seeders, and tracker of a specific file that you desire to download. The client estimates a distinct hash code which assists in locating the leechers, peers, and seeders who are currently uploading the files from which you can initiate the download session for the files. However, most torrent websites are currently hosting magnet links in place of torrent files. And this article shows how to open magnet links.

A Magnet Link: What is it Actually?

You may have noticed and heard of the term Magnet links while visiting a torrent website. A magnet link adheres to a similar modus operandi as a .torrent file follows that is present on the server. Using a magnet link that is a hyperlink possessing hash codes for the file which you desire to download, one can easily initiate the download of files. Employing a magnet link for download purposes tends to relieve the user to download the files in the .torrent format which are present on the server.

Instead of a tracker, the magnet link employs a Distributed Hash Table or DHT for downloading the data from a torrent network which is P2P. A magnet link holds all the essential data required and significant for downloading a file from P2P which is a sharing network. it is, basically, a manner of downloading a particular file without the connection of a server in the network of P2P in opposition to the torrent file. Also, magnetic links grant plenty of benefits over the traditional use of the regular .torrent files. Users tend to share magnet link easily through email or message instead of sharing to a .torrent file a link on a server. Furthermore, the user holds a good chance of downloading a file even in a situation when there is a crisis of a tracker.

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The use of a magnet link frees as well as saves up some infrastructural space at the host side on the server. However, besides this fact, it is also extremely convenient for the users because only a few simple clicks execute the job. A few taps and clicks on the link can initiate the download process that eventually saves the time of download. However, most users find it a challenge to get the magnet links to work with uTorrent when using Google Chrome. And the next section of this article presents the solution for just that!

The 2 Procedures to get Magnet Links to Work with uTorrent when Using Google Chrome

The integration of the magnet links to the uTorrent is one task that most users find challenging. At times, even after trying diverse ways, they tend to fail to attain the premium benefits that magnet links offer. The common scenario is that Chrome refuses to open the magnet links. To overcome such an annoying moment, stick through this detailed guide present in this section. Obey the underlying instructions in order to uTorrent download the magnet links file with uTorrent. Also, in case you tend to face certain issues, this segment of the entire article aims to fix that for you too!

The AdHoc Guidance

Firstly, locate the magnet torrent file and then Right-click on the tiny magnet icon present in Chrome to copy the entire URL. After that, launch the uTorrent or the Torrent software that you desire. Then, click on the option Add Torrent from URL and paste the magnet link into the empty field. Press the Enter button to initiate the download.

The Permanent Fix Guidance

This method is a bit critical but with this step by step guide, you can have it fix it quickly. First, begin with pressing the Windows key. Then, in the search box at the bottom, type in ‘regedit’ and then hit Enter. After that, navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Magnet\shell\open\command which on Windows 8 is HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Software\Classes\Magnet. Ensure that the uTorrent is residing under the Data heading. Also, check if you have a custom location and act accordingly.

However, then, head to the folder C:\Users\[your_user_name]\App Data\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data. Now, close the Google Chrome window prior to moving on to the successive step. Or else, the changes will not be saved and effective. Edit the Local State file employing an editor platform such as the Notepad or Wordpad. After that, press the Ctrl+F to search for the word ‘magnet’. In case you do not possess this entry, simply create it. This is required to be set to False. Then, proceed to Save and Close the file. You are good to go now!

Note down that you may observe that when you click on a magnet links file, uTorrent tends to show the file as blank initially, but once you click OK or Next, the files begin to download.

Wrapping Up

There are plenty of reasons as well as drawbacks of the .torrent files for which most people have switched to incorporating the magnet links. The torrent index websites have lower bandwidth as well as space demands. Also, the magnet links are convenient to share just a link instead of sharing a link to a file on a server. The magnet links not working must be updated wherein the .torrent files may not be present. Even if the tracker isn’t available, the magnet links stand a better chance of success. Hence, the magnet links are now a convenient approach for the users as times are changing and new and modern alternatives are arising.


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