Telecom Companies in Dubai

Telecommunications is a widespread social process based on information exchanging acquired globally by many top companies. One of the major economic contributions on a worldwide basis is done by telecommunication companies. The information is exchanged over technologies like radio, wires, optical systems, and more.

Over the past years, communicating long distance has been troublesome but telecom services have made it easier for people. However, the technology has been expanding and so are the various means of transmission.

For example, the mode of exchanging information over technologies has become wide with new elements like semaphore, electrical cable, smoke signals, telegraphs, heliographs, wireless connection, etc.

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is well-known for its excellent telecom services under the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. Amidst various factors, Dubai has many telecom companies that provide information through means of technologies like the Internet, cellular phones,  Radio, Television, Broadcast media, and more.

To find out more about the top telecom companies in Dubai, read below!

Popular Telecommunication Companies to Check Out in Dubai!

The telecom sector in Dubai is widespread and several famous companies deliver what customers are looking for, like mobile repair. Here’s a list you can check out:

  1. Advacomm

Advacomm gains its popularity from being in the Middle East. It first came into light in the year 2004. Ever since then, Advacomm has been providing consulting services, mobile repair Dubai services, solution services to customers of various kinds like mobile repair, training services.

Advacomm strives to deliver modern thinking and innovative ideas through telecommunication means. Also, Advacomm has been outsourcing in other regions like Suadi Arabia, Oman, Libya, the United Kingdom, etc.

  1. Kooheji Group

Kooheji Group, a Dubai based operator,  goes way back in the year 1985 when it was first founded. It also gets its name from Kiraf General Trading which is popular for its telecom services in trading sectors.

The company also provides operations for deals in communication products, consumer electronics, and trading. Also, it provides IT services in terms of mobile repair Dubai and telecom solutions for value-added services to mobile repair users.

  1. DU

If you’ve been wondering about the top leading telecom company in Dubai, then that’d be DU. It was first founded in the year 2006. It provides telecom services and solutions to customers on fixed telephony, mobile services, mobile repair services in Dubai, broadband connection services.

Also, it provides IPTV services all over the United Arab Emirates. Their service has expanded over the years to many things like carrier services, data migration, field coordination, etc.

  1. Krishna International

Krishna International is a Nepal-origin telecom company that specializes in telecom operations in Dubai along with other parts of UAE, 20 other countries, Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East.

It provides service to customers related to mobile devices, mobile repair services in Dubai, and more. Also, it provides sales service, coordination, etc.

  1. Wipaq Telecom Division

Another great telecom company in Dubai is Wipaq. Ever since it’s the establishment, Wipaq is famous for providing telecom services including business services like maintenance and supply of telephones and mobile repair services in Dubai.

All services by Wipaq have solutions specific to every individual. Thus, all of them are personalized solutions where support teams offer solutions and services to clients.

  1. Etisalat

Etisalat is one of the most famous telecom service providers in UAE, having its main headquarters in Abu Dhabi while branching out to Dubai and other regions. It has been serving millions of people through its telecommunication services like a solution, mobile repair Dubai, etc.

Etisalat also provides mobile repair services based on innovation so that customer experience can reflect vividly and successfully. Also, it follows a motto of bringing people together of which a new positioning in Etisalat Group as “Together Matters”, in the year 2018