Need a Bathroom Revamp? Choose From These 6 Brilliant Types of Vanities


Are you in need of adding a stylish and customized touch to your bathroom? Perhaps you should read on because this blog will feature six variations of vanities that you can choose from.

Most people would agree that next to their bedroom, the bathroom is the second most private area in their house. Just think about it; the bathroom is also where you let your guard down. You strip your clothes off and take a nice, warm bath after a long and tiring day; and whether you would care to admit it or not, you often find yourself in deep thought about the most mind-boggling things in the universe the moment you sit on that porcelain throne called the toilet.

Vanities are a great addition to your bathroom as it gives you an area where you can store your toiletries while allowing you a private space to do your self-care and hygiene rituals. From retouching your makeup and performing your daily skincare routine to checking yourself for any zit or stubble, or reexamining your hair, vanities are truly a must-have.

Below are six types of bathroom vanities for your reference:


Freestanding bathroom vanities are among the most typically chosen variants. Freestanding vanities can stand independently from the floor and are typically square or rectangle. The majority of freestanding vanities come with cabinets and storage space.


If there are freestanding vanities, then there are also floating ones! No, it does not use magic, but it is directly mounted to the bathroom wall. Some floating vanities are designed to have small drawers and compartments, while some act more like an additional sink. This type of vanity is best if you have limited space in your bathroom.

Natural Stone Finish

If you want a more luxurious touch to your vanity, try countertop finishing that uses different materials sourced from stones. Ceramic, granite, and marble are some of the top choices for countertop vanities because it is stable, durable, and it also makes your bathroom look luxurious. Before you decide on using natural stone finish for your vanity, make sure that it matches the overall design of your bathroom.


A compact vanity is similar to a floating vanity. It is usually square and is constructed right beside the bathtub or the toilet. Some compact vanities are made of bamboo and reclaimed wood. This variation is perfect for people who prefer minimalist interior design and arrangement.


This unique kind of vanity has open compartments, and the sink is attached directly on top of it. At first glance, it appears as though the sink is just sitting atop the vanity. Its distinct arrangement and construction are chic and high-end, making it a common style choice in hotels and spas.


Corner vanities is also a space-saving type of vanity. As its name suggests, it is erected in the corner of the bathroom. Most corner vanities are freestanding, although floating vanities are also possible as long as your choice of material and design will not go against the area where you plan to put it.

Take your pick now from the list of vanities above and get started with setting up your very own self-care space in your bathroom!