5 Consequences of Plagiarism and How to Avoid It in Essay Writing

When students write their essays and other pieces of writing, they must follow certain rules. Every academic institution gives requirements, which must be followed without any violations. For example, a student cannot violate deadlines. Otherwise, he/she loses many grades. It’s a matter of great concern. However, some students would say that a demand to write unique papers is more severe. Many of them even pay to write their essays by experts to avoid the issue of plagiarism and correct quotations.


US education is focused on the development of creative skills. Consequently, every scientific essay must be always 100% authentic. If an academic paper is based on scientific research, a writer is obliged to find and use some official data. It could be studies, surveys, statistics, interviews and other methods of getting the required results. Accordingly, a writer has to cite at least some works of other authors, which he/she uses in his/her papers.

This task isn’t quite easy. It is necessary to stick to the rules of an assigned writing format. There are various writing formats like APA or MLA, which show how to cite other authors correctly. They tell when and how to cite. For example, it’s demanded to use quotation marks, colons, commas, etc. The rules are pretty similar. Nevertheless, every format has some slight differences. We’d like to review 5 consequences of plagiarism and how to avoid it.

A loss of grades

Of course, the first obvious consequence of plagiarism in academic papers is a loss of grades. It’s one of the common punishments for a text, which doesn’t suit the demands of an assigned format. Some students are simply inattentive. The others are too lazy to follow every rule. As a result, they cite incorrectly. After they submit their papers, they receive low grades. No matter how good their work is, they’ll be deprived of many grades. Moreover, some teachers and professors are very strict and don’t count such a project. As a result, students don’t receive a single grade.

Worthless work

If your academic assignment is plagiarized, all the efforts you have done are worthless. The main purpose of this demand is to show how creative and gifted a student is. He/she is supposed to make serious research, find and sort out trustworthy sources. It also shows his/her evaluative skills. You spoil everything if you plagiarize your work. Most teachers and professors reduce multiple grades. Even though some papers are written creatively and fully disclose the topic, they won’t be counted. As a result, you simply waste your energy, time, and strength.

No trust

Non-original works negatively reflect on your reputation and reduce the level of trust from the educators. Sometimes, a single mistake may bring good relationships to ruin. Your teacher/professor trusted you. However, you disappoint him/her because your paper is plagiarized and so, you cheated. Even if you have done it accidentally due to forgetfulness or inattentiveness, it will be hard to prove that. Oftentimes, educators fully lose faith in their students. Therefore, be extremely careful and pay attention to the slightest details.


If your paper isn’t unique, get ready for a penalty. Such actions are unethical and so to speak illegal. Every school, college and university has its own way to penalize students who violated the rule of the uniqueness. One of the most common has been already mentioned. It’s a reduction of grades.

Most educational institutions give such students F and so, they have to write the paper again and use other informative sources. The penalty is more severe for students who write dissertations or coursework at MSC or Ph.D. level. They may lose a chance to acquire the desired degree. Even if you plagiarize a single line, it will be punished.

Turns you into unethical personal

The uniqueness of academic papers is one of the most important demands of educators. People who violate it break a strict rule. Such behavior is unethical. You’ll be stigmatized as a liar who easily breaks moral norms and doesn’t care about ethics. Obligatorily remember this consequence too.

Proper ways to avoid plagiarism

The consequences of plagiarism are very serious. Besides, you may be ridiculed and such fame may chase you even in the workplace like an evil curse. Therefore, avoid plagiarism with any available possibility. We can help you to make your project authentic.

Make allowances for the following methods:

  • Use plagiarism checkers. Special programs easily detect the slightest signs of plagiarism. They surf the Internet and find similar works. They can detect a chapter, a page or even one line. Obligatorily use several checkers. Thus, your chances to spot your mistakes sufficiently increase.
  • Always verify the information. No matter what sources you use (printed or digital), verify their credibility. Find links, licenses, approval of some authorities, etc.
  • Use trustworthy sources. If you use the Internet, you may certainly trust definite websites. Such sources commonly end with .edu, .gov, and .org.
  • Learn the rules of writing formats. Finally, make sure you know and understand the demands of your writing format. These are APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.

Don’t forget these tips. If you use all of them, you will definitely avoid the violation of the rights of other people. Accordingly, your papers will be 100% authentic. Keep the negative consequences in your mind. They will surely stimulate you to be attentive and diligent.