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With the boom in the technology industry, Artificial Intelligence is making its way to the business software market. It will continue its journey into the future without any doubt.

Artificial Intelligence includes Machine learning and Deep learning Algorithms to make our everyday life more comfortable. These algorithms help our daily tasks much more feasible than before.

With the rise in technology, the interaction with your computer is not a big deal anymore. Now communicating with the computer is at our fingertips with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

We have assembled a list of Top 5 best PC speech software that can talk to you. Don’t forget to check out their best features because they are unique.

speech software

5 Most excellent PC That Can Talk To You

We have made a list of 5 Finest PC speech software that can talk to you, and we’ll offer you a brief discussion of their essential characteristics and functionality to help you choose the software which shall suit your needs.


Jarvis is created and developed by The Pennyworth Project. It has an excellent context sensing power with prediction support.

This software supports Predictions, Rules, Learners, and Sensors. This software has an excellent mode called “Automatic Mode.” This mode can automatically correct when any specific trigger is detected.

You will get an opportunity to construct the triggers via the Configuration menu. Below is the list of features of this software.

  • After you install the Jarvis software, you can quickly launch the application from the Windows start menu.
  • When you launch the application, you will notice a small icon under the system notification area. By clicking that icon, you will get into the Jarvis application, and you can easily interact with Jarvis.
  • You have the power to train and monitor the software according to your needs until it gets better and better in terms of prediction.

2.  Braina:

Braina is a smart, intelligent virtual assistant that allows interacting with your PC via voice commands. If you are comparing Braina with Google Assistant or Siri, I must say that you are wrong.

Braina is not a search program; it can do a lot more than that. Check out the features of the AI-based software Braina.

  • This software has a human recognition user interface that allows users to interact with this software more efficiently. It has an advanced voice recognition process that helps users to get accurate answers to their questions.
  • This software can convert the speech into text in 100 different languages in a few minutes.
  • By getting familiar with this software, you can easily control your computer with your local language command.

Braina is a multi-functional software that provides you with a single Windows layout. This application can easily set time and reminder on the go. It can easily perform the mathematical operation and other tasks very quickly.

3. Talk for me:

Talk for me software has a tile layout and a complicated user interface. The design of this software serves as a voice for those without a voice. It comes with few sections of tiles that are designed for the users to string together to communicate with others in a better way.

This software has an additional virtual keyboard for typing which lets the computer to speak. This software is handy for those users who have PSP, CBD, ALS, strokes and more.

Below is the list of great features that Talk For Me software offers.

  • This software boasts great touch points.
  • This software is highly customizable and useful for those who are not expert in this software.
  • Users have many customizable sections like Food, People, Entertainment and many more.
  • This software comes with a large virtual keyboard for typing.
  • Users can quickly adjust the rate of speech according to your installed voice on your system.
  • This software work fines with the touch pen, mouse, and other accessories depending on the system you are using.

This software comes with a large number of features out of the box, and it’s highly customizable. It is secure and handy to use.

4. DataBot:

DataBot is a virtual talking robot that is freely available in the market. You can easily install this software on your Windows system.

This software will answer all your questions in a robotic voice. Many application and services are combined into DataBot. This software can easily track your search record and give all your answers.

You can use this fantastic software anywhere you want. You can use it when you are playing games, at your workplace, study and this software will answer in seconds.

Check out the fantastic features of this application.

  • This software can quickly identify the subject you are looking for.
  • It also enables users to create customized multimedia.
  • DataBot enables users to share their answers on the social media platform, email or via sms easily.
  • One among its brilliant features is that it can easily customize itself according to the user’s language and behavior.
  • DataBot has many add-on features like checking your Horoscope, providing news, jokes and games. You can quickly search any meaning of the word in the dictionary on the go.

You will find more about DataBot software by downloading it into your Windows system.

5. Computer Talker:

Many of the users like the text to speech because they want the computer to do all the tasks. This software is free text to speech software freely available in the Windows store.

Computer Talker is an easy tool that can make your system talk in such a way that it altered or converts anything that you will write or read into speech.

This software comes out with built-in-loud features, that will read your text aloud so that the user can listen to it carefully.

Check out the existing features that are packed into this software.

  • This application comes out with a simple layout; even beginners can use it very quickly.
  • This software can convert the text into voice in less time. It is very quick and fast.
  • You have to copy and paste the text you want to convert into speech and leave rest of the work to the software. It will automatically turn the text and gives out you the result.
  • This application can quickly and recognize the English word and able to pronounce them correctly.

In the end, I want to say that these are the five best AI software whom can make your day. I will suggest you that to briefly check out every feature before making the right decision.