5 Best Games to Play Online


Are you reluctant to play a game in a place or playground because of your routine, and are you still found sitting with your friends to play a game of your choice? Do not worry because we will give you ideas on how you can play an online game even without a specific plat. You can play online games on your phone and PC, and you need an internet connection.

The most important advantage and the exciting features of playing these online games are that you may have access and connection with your friends from all over the world, and you can still enjoy playing with your friends. It would help if you had an online link for this purpose. It is the best idea to get rid of your boring work routines and can play anytime when you are in your mood.

Five Best Games to Play Online

There are hundreds and even thousands of games for you available online. Many of these are according to your interests and according to your talents. But the following five are the best and the top-ranking online games to play for every one of you:


  • PUBG, Play Unknown’s Battle Ground


PUBG is the most tops and well-reputed game that is known by every common man. It is developed by the PUBG cooperation and is available at Android, XBOS, PC, and is accessing by the more than 50 million online players per month. It was launched in 2018; it is advanced but the most exciting and most favorite games for all. The game is based on armors and is engaging 99 players at a time. The game is more interesting because of the 3D graphics, and the mission is to access the enemies hidden in bushes. You can stay connected with your friends and play the game with anyone you want.



It is another relevant and exciting game developed by Respawn Entertainment, providing entertainment opportunities. The game is easily accessible by the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and XBO and is engaging more than 50 million players every month. It was launched in 2019 and is most advanced. The game is available with six team players with three on the island squads that fight against the units of the other three. The map and the communication system of the game are gripping attention from anyone of you.


  • Borderlands 3


A borderland 3 is another important and the top-ranking game to play online. It is accessible to all Xbox One, PS4, Stadia, and PCs. It is a single-player mode game, but it will make your mission more exciting and near to accomplishment if you are playing with your friends. It was launched in 2012 and is enjoyable to play by every one of you.


  • Front Battle Royale


Front Battle Royale was developed by the Epic Games in 2017. It is available to all XBOX, IOS, Androids Phones, and PCs. It is engaging 39 million online players. The game is based on a person who is the first battle royale and has to lead the team by fighting. The exciting features, pieces of equipment, and the stages in the games are interesting for all of you. Males mostly love it.

  1. Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike is another important and the best game to be played, which is made by the Valve Cooperation in 2014 and is still an exciting game to be played. It is accessible to all XBOX 360, OS X, Microsoft Windows, Play Station 3, and Linux. The game is engaging 32 million players. The game is based on the terrorists where the players have to diffuse the bombs and to complete the missions to kill the enemies which are terrorists.

Final Thoughts

The article is about the top, best, and fabulous five games with easy access to play online. Some of these are advanced, while some are using for many years. These are all exciting and amazing games because of the 3D graphics and the design used here. We recommend you play these games so that you can enjoy the real sort of play and have a fantastic feeling to play with your friends. These games allow you to have a live chat with your friends and hence, you will be able to talk with your friends while you are playing. So, go to the play store of your device and click the download and install button. Play whenever you want with your friends. For more info check ทีเด็ดสเต็ป2วันนี้