3 Ways IT Professionals Can Work Out

IT professionals are some of the people with the most sedentary of lifestyle, given that the majority if not all of their work revolves around sitting down, typing codes or whatnots in their computers. Home-based IT professionals have it worse, thinking they have flexible schedules and finding out that they are sitting down more than ever, from the time they wake up until they go to sleep, sometimes already at the wee hours of the morning. 


But time working is money and time away from the computer screen can cost so much. If this is not a killer lifestyle, this is at least very unhealthy and should be changed. If you are an IT professional and wondering how you can fit working out to your day, even for an hour or two, then read some of the great ideas below. 

Focus on Individual Body Parts 

The first tip is to focus on exercising individual body parts incrementally. Given you cannot go to the gym to work out or train, nor can you run around, the best way to stay healthy is to exercise body parts one by one. 

Start with the shoulder and arm, then go back to work. Later on, squeeze in some neck exercises. Rotate your head clockwise and anticlockwise, up and down and from left to right side. Do this simple exercise on 3 to 5 counts for two sets, then go back to work. 

Focus on your back and sides next.  Sit straight and then twist your body to the right, all the way until you can see the back of the room. Do the same to the left before going back to working again.  If you do not have a large chunk of time to work out, focusing on these body parts can still keep you healthy. 

Engage in Eye Exercises

IT professionals have a unique problem too, compared to other workers. Since they spend most of the time in front of the computer screens for hours, their eyesight can suffer the most. Doing some eye exercises are crucial.

Rotate your eyes in a circular manner first, then up and down. Close your eyes too for 10 seconds in an interval of one hour to let your eyes rest. 

Try Yoga and Pilates

This is one of the soundest advice that IT professionals should heed.  The misunderstanding with yoga and Pilates is that they can only be done by people are flexible or like to twist around. This is too far from the truth. In reality, yoga and Pilates aid with flexibility and not the other way around. 

Moreover,  yoga and Pilates poses can be done everywhere, anywhere, so you can do the poses and keep yourself fit without going that far away from your computer. 

The double leg stretch is one good Pilates exercise to try. Lie faceup on a mat and bring both knees in toward your chest. Curl your head up, your chin down, then place your hands on the knees. 

After, extend both your legs out in front then reach up with your arms. Make sure to keep your legs straight as possible while they are up in a diagonal with your lower back flat on the mat or floor. 

Circle your arms out and around before putting them to the knees. Pull the knees back to the chest. This exercise can target not just the legs but also the abdominal muscles and lower back, which can be strained from all the sitting down. 

If you want, you can also invest in a Pilates chair. Choose one that is compact and foldable. A chair is better to exercises with rather than just the floor or the mat. It allows for simply more options. Exercising can be done lying, sitting and standing on the chair, and many more. 

If you are going to invest in the exercise equipment that you can keep beside you while working in front of the computer, a Pilates chair is a good idea. One known brand you can check out is the Malibu Pilates Pro Chair. It has so many good reviews so it’s worth a look.

Read more about the Malibu Pilates Pro Chair and it can aid Pilates workout quickies at home here. 

It’s not that working long hours with a sedentary lifestyle can make you fat, what is worrying is the scary health effects this could have on your health— blood clots, increased CVD risk, carpal tunnel syndrome, and cancers are just of these. Even though it seems difficult, it is not impossible to squeeze in working out in your day, even without leaving your home or your workstation. Also check here for Laptop Repair Solution