3 Product Designs Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

As far as product design trends are concerned, they aren’t as unstable as user interface (UI) design trends. It is evolving by the day, even if in small and imperceptible ways. There are trends such as automation that sounds cool and the rewards are quite apparent. Yes, automation helps in carrying out little manual jobs. 

According to an article published on Forbes.com, these days empathy is nurtured in product design and its management. Only having a good idea is not enough; you need to have the correct good idea to succeed in a swarming technology market. Here are three important product designs trends of 2020:

  1. Comprehensive-first 

Although many product designers have been supporting inclusivity and ease of access for years, they have started to take it seriously now. The design should be inclusive and failing to do so will make us neglect 26 percent of our targeted audience right away. 

If accessibility is not included in your team culture right from the beginning, then the team will be inclined to mature without the same. This way, it becomes extremely challenging to introduce inclusivity to the workflow at the later stages of product design and development. Inclusive design is simply about designing a single experience that is beneficial for all. 

  1. More attention on words

If you look at SEO for instance, it had a poor reputation at the beginning of the last decade but revived toward the end. Soon businesses realized the importance of unique, useful, and authentic copy or content. Then, writing for UIs also popularly called UX writing became increasingly focused on UX, i.e. user experience than business marketing. You can look up websites like WeAreSightbox.com or similar ones if you want to know more about UX writing. 

The latest trend is combining UX writing with SEO, which is very effective. Some also think that lining up UX copy with the search intent of a user translates to great user experience and simultaneously helping you to realize your business goals. 

A professional US writer knows how to balance SEO and UX for stable and organic traffic for meeting the initial demands of the market. 

  1. DesignOps

It means design operations and how bigger teams appoint and manage roles, team up with each other, and simply perform their tasks. There has been an increase in specialized design roles, of late, then with such unavoidability, comes more product designers in the team. 

Productivity can lessen fast when effective design workflows are not aptly established or when communication is poor or fails between disciplines. With numerous workflows and roles all functioning at the same time, a DesignOps professional will make certain that everything runs smoothly. These days, you can more companies taking DesignOps seriously than ever to strengthen the value of design as well as the impact on scale. 

Final words

Product design is evolving daily, and over the last couple of years, makers started questioning and challenged how product design work is performed. The aim should be to work better and leave your comfort zone. Staying updated is the mantra for success.