virtual handyman

In this pandemic situation, it is obvious that you are not allowing anyone to enter your home. On the other hand, all the essential requirements cannot come to a halt. That is why, in your daily life, handyman Dubai plays a crucial role. Suppose you have a clogged plumbing system or need immediate home repair or assistance regarding other odd household jobs, then you have to hire a professional. But, will it be safe to hire somebody amid this pandemic?

However, as per the new normal, most of the people are using virtual technology to stay connected. This can even help you to stay in contact with a virtual handyman. Simple, book a service and follow the instructions. These basically act as DIY tutorials and you perform all the requisite household jobs. 

The Virtual Assistant for Your Home 

Nowadays, everyone uses smartphones to stay connected. There are several apps that will help you to reach the handyman, as every working procedure has its dedicated application on its own. Let’s check out some of them: 


This application is basically made for the measurement of different corners and the size of rooms and houses. So, leave aside the old school tapes, download and install the app. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms. 

The experts associated with handyman Dubai also suggests that using this app will be very beneficial for you to measure and find every angle accurately. In addition to that, it also has several built-in tools which will make your measuring job easier without the presence of any physical handyman. 

The magic plan 

It is the virtual interior designer. You can get this app from both PlayStore and App Store. In this application, you have the privilege to measure your room if you are having a plan for floor renovation. After clicking the pictures, you don’t have to worry about showing it to a handyman. 

The application has a set of embedded features, added animations, annotations, and others to create the inside diagram of your room. In addition to that, it also has the ability to show you the transformation or rather how your room will look like after renovation. 

Snapguide: The project assistant 

If you are using an iOS device, then this application will come at free of cost. Snapguide is such an app that will allow you to explore and use all the best possible DIY projects available. You can choose the best one.

The presence of a huge number of topics, ideas, tips, and advice based on gardening, cleaning, plumbing, cooking, and others are present. In addition to that, it also has successive add-ons for beauty tips, sports, fashion, and others. 

The penultimate 

The application comes from the creators of Evernote. It is free for the iOS platform. In the case of Android, there are similar applications like this and you can try one of them. The penultimate is such a type of application that will help you to take important notes. Those notes are generally about your household jobs. 

Moreover, it will also allow you to take the measurements of the household items. In doing so, it will analyse the image and will tell you what changes the item will need. You can also renovate your room, and resize the items with the help of this app. 

The virtual face to face meeting

As there is no possibility of allowing someone who is an outsider. You have to do all of the household work all by yourself. Don’t panic as you will get the complete assistance from the experts associated with handyman Dubai. In this generalized way, you will be able to tackle and improve your home. 

Book an appointment 

When you need DIY home services, first you have to book an appointment with them. You can either call them or send a mail. 

Take the necessary pictures

Wherever you want the work to be done, take a snap. The pictures must show the details of the wear and tear. Send them the pictures. They will analyse and let you know the time of the video session. 

The video session 

When the video session starts, request them to start from a particular place like a kitchen. They will look at the pictures and will tell you the entire procedure. If you need any type of replacement, then you can keep that particular video session pending. Bring the necessary item from the market and then you can resume it. 


There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before starting your work. Make sure that the internet connection is perfect and stable. While working with the video session procedure, seek prompt advice from handyman Dubai. After the completion of the entire process, do not forget to thank them enough.