10 Essential link building Strategies for your E-Commerce SEO

Building links for an e-commerce site is not a simple task nor an easy job. It is a daunting task. Nobody would like to link to a page that only sells the products. 


Of course, many marketing companies are providing eCommerce SEO Services. You need to pick one that is best to assist you with this task. If you are looking at ways to do this task by yourself. Here are some strategies that you can follow:

Create an Excellent Website: You need to have a cool website that not only looks appealing to the eyes but is something attractive. Ensure that you have a separate page for each of the products that you are planning to sell. Avoid cluttering your website with unnecessary ads, content, or other information. The design of the website makes a significant impact on conversions as well as link-building. You should, therefore, use a professional to assist you with designing your website. 

Use Simple Sources: If you want your business to scale up high, these are some tactics that you can use:

Business Relationships: These days, almost all companies have a website. You need to use your relationship with vendors, manufacturers, vendors, and dealers to get backlinks. 

Personal Relationships: If your friends, relatives or acquaintances have a website, you should plan on reaching out to them to request for backlinks.  

Personal Assets: If you own any other website, you want to provide a backlink to your new business. One link from each domain is good enough.

Reach Out to Others: Always plan on using the easy methods first before approaching strangers. The best way to find websites that can provide backlinks to your website is to check which sites your competitors are using to build backlinks. You save a lot of time and effort when you do this task. 

Build Domain Authority: Now, this should be your primary goal. Plan on getting backlinks from various unique root domains. If you concentrate on doing this, eventually it can boost your product pages to rank well. 

Directory submissions and guest blogging is one way to develop domain authority. Submit your site to all business and niche directories under the right category. Free for all directories is something that you need to stay away. 

Top Selling Product Pages: You should first concentrate on products that are selling well. Ensure that you have enough content for these pages to drive near more traffic onto the site. 

You should also plan on using rich images to attract traffic.

Do market research buying behavior and sales trends. Publish press releases to get backlinks from popular news sites. If you do not know how to do this task, use a professional company

Reach Out to Influencers: You should reach out to bloggers and influencers that can talk or give review about your products. It is one of the best ways to get backlinks for your eCommerce site. You should, however, reach to an influencer who has a good name and popularity in the industry that you are targeting. Measure success by tracking things such as social shares, links, and posts about your product. 

Relationship-Based Link Building:  Now, this is one of the best ways to get the necessary traffic onto your website. It is the most challenging part, but you can use the strategies described below:

  • Start a Blog Page on your website — Use it to talk about products and information relating to your industry
  • Connect to bloggers in your industry
  • Use social media pages to connect with followers

User-Generated and Editorial Review Websites: There are two types of review sites that you can use to assist your website get links. 

  1. Content Reviews: In this review, a reporter usually tries a new product and gives out his feedback. Example: TechCrunch
  2. User-Generated Content Review: Users give reviews of a product or service. Example: Yelp

Ensure that people are talking about your products on these sites and do not plan on removing negative comments. But publicly accept the feedback and show interest in fixing it to win loyalty. 

Enter Into Partnerships: Search and find retailers from others in the industry that are not directly competing with you. Have them promote your products on their site, and you can do the same for them on your website. Since you are going to have mutual benefit, it is going to be profitable to both of you.

Build Links Internally: Of course, most of the strategies that are referred above is to build links externally. You should not forget to build links internally. Ensure that you are using a plugin or have a strategy in place to display similar products to customers if they are checking a particular product on your website: Nomvo

For example, you need to see the widget that reads, “customers who bought this also bought” in Amazon. 

If you are not sure how to build links, you should plan on using a professional company that provides eCommerce SEO services.