10 Business Skills You Can’t Do Without

Business Skills

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Business success – for many entrepreneurs – isn’t necessarily ensured by a well-researched and heavily-funded initiative. Entrepreneurial accomplishment requires more than diligence and expertise. We can see that many business ventures fail because entrepreneurs weren’t skilled enough to run an enterprise. Thus, you must translate your ambitions into business capabilities if you seek success in the modern-day market. Which quality makes most entrepreneurs successful today? They’re mostly jack-of-all-trades and excel in basic business skills. So, let’s discuss some abilities you must possess if you wish to make a name for yourself as a successful entrepreneur. These skills are a must-have for business owners:

  1. Communication

Experts have divided communication into three categories: visual, verbal, and non-verbal. A business owner must become an excellent communicator to survive in today’s competitive industry. Why one needs to communicate effectively? It helps you present your ideas convincingly before your clients, shareholders, and colleagues. You can’t make people excited about your ideas without sharing your passion with them. And communication allows entrepreneurs to gain people’s support easily.

  1. Financial know-how

You require a borderline knowledge of economics and finance to establish a thriving enterprise. Finance isn’t just a subject to study; it also constitutes cash management skills entrepreneurs must possess. So, how can you become financially proficient? The answer lies in distance learning and digital education.

Now, you can pursue an online master of accounting to gain the skills needed to make financially sound business-related decisions. These courses enable you to hone your financial expertise without attending college physically. So, you can upgrade your abilities in the comfort of your office- or home.

  1. Decision-making

Intuition isn’t precisely an ability you can learn, though. But you can teach yourself how to trust your “gut” and polish your “sixth sense” to smell success from miles away! Entrepreneurs don’t just make data-driven decisions to pursue business success, but they also respond to their hunches.

Look at Henry Ford, for instance. He doubled his workers’ salaries and introduced eight-hour days in 1914. It attracted flocks of would-be employees to Detroit and also allowed Ford to run three shifts daily. His innovative strategy exploded the company’s profitability in the 1910s.

  1. Leadership

It’s a no-brainer that business owners must transform into influential leaders. But, do you think that being a leader and a manager are the same thing? Well, managers focus more on completing projects, whereas leaders focus on employees and organizational culture. In addition, a leader seeks to improve people’s performance to make them better managers. So, develop your leadership capabilities to motivate your workers. An effective leader encourages people to surpass expectations and become more productive.

  1. Business management

Management succeeds leadership as the most crucial business talent you must possess. A Gallup survey shows that approximately 70% of the variance in employee engagement is caused by managers. So, ineffective managers are responsible for why workers aren’t “actively engaged” at work. It means that you should polish your business management expertise to keep the staff happy. Listen to them carefully, validate their contributions, and appreciate the endeavors of hard-working employees.

  1. Integrity

What do we mean by integrity? It involves carefully choosing your principles and then sticking with them faithfully. People expect entrepreneurs to admit their mistakes and be transparent with their customers. Your curriculum doesn’t teach you how to be honest and upright! The lessons are taught by time and embraced with experience. Integrity enables you to create meaningful connections with customers and colleagues. So, commit yourself to your principles to gain success in the market.

  1. Time Management

A successful entrepreneur must be punctual, well-organized, and schedule-bound. These skills are necessary to organize your lifestyle and prioritize essential tasks over trivial ones. These skills will also help you create a work-life balance while pursuing business ambitions. Even world-famous entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos don’t sacrifice a good night’s rest for their multibillionaire adventures. Thus, don’t forget to develop time-management skills.

  1. Emotional intelligence

How can entrepreneurs develop crucial leadership skills? It involves honing your emotional quotient (EQ) or emotional intelligence (EI). You must learn to control your emotions to solve problems and manage conflicts effectively. Research shows that 90% of excellent performers in a workplace have a high EQ. It helps you raise self-awareness and manage your emotions to become a better leader. In short, the ability to understand/organize one’s feelings makes one a successful entrepreneur.

  1. Networking

You can’t succeed as an employee/entrepreneur without leveraging your connections and calling reliable associates for assistance. How else do you think famous business owners got bailout packages in the past? These networks grow while you’re studying or still struggling to establish a small company. Later, you utilize these connections to expand your business and get global recognition. So, polish your networking capabilities by creating solid relationships and then nurturing them.

  1. Negotiation

A business owner must become an effective negotiator as it helps you bargain better deals for your company. A World Economic Forum survey from 2016 suggested that future generations will need good negotiation skills to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. So, work on your deal-making skills if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur. It requires you to think on your feet and communicate your expectations to the other party. It’s just a capability without which you can’t succeed!


In 2016, LinkedIn published a report about the most in-demand soft skills American employers look for while recruiting young graduates. It isn’t surprising to see communication dominating the list, whereas organization and teamwork come in second and third places. These skills don’t just make you a valuable employee, but they’re also essential to establish a thriving enterprise. You can’t become an overnight business sensation without possessing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It’s also necessary to have public dealing abilities – even if you identify as an introvert. Last but not least, an entrepreneur can’t progress without formal education and a solid academic backgrou