10 Best Free Remote Desktop Tools You Should Know: Access Your PC From Anywhere

Often, desktop users feel the need to connect to another device, which may or may not exist under the same network or internet connection. It not only allows the PCs to share a common wireless or Ethernet connectivity but, exchange files, programs, and other resources between them. Hence, with the correct Remote Desktop settings and tools, you can connect to any working on Best free remote desktop software when (switched on) computer. Also, the devices must have this feature enabled in them in order to permit it for connecting remotely. There are many PC users, who have this query regarding how can they remotely control another computer.

So, if you are among them, keep reading this article to obtain some solid information on the remote desktop tools. For those who want to access another computer remotely, they can view the list of best free remote desktop software to choose from.

How The Free Remote Desktop Software Really Helps To Connect To Another PC?

When it comes to choosing a remote control software for managing devices from a distance, everybody expects the best product. However, before you zero down on any remote desktop tool, it is essential to have some relevant technical information. So, before thinking how can you access your computer remotely free, let’s discuss how the feature of desktop sharing is effective in remote accessing tools.

The remote desktop sharing app works by making use of a host computer to send out information in form of packets. This data is actually sent to a remote PC, which is already specified on the display screen of the hosting device. This data is having layers of encryptions, which travels across the internet without losing much information. Also, it is taken care that the files format reaches from one device to another using the necessary bandwidth.

If you utilize this remote access software for desktops, you will be able to use its multiple features. Hence, you can enjoy certain unique tasks like remote signing in applications, screen sharing, and real-time collaborations. With the help of remote login, you can access to another PC that is having a working internet connection.

So, in terms of sharing, you can install the necessary tools or software on one computer and access them on another device. Hence, it will save you the additional costs for installing common programs for every computer individually.

List Of Top 10 Free Remote Desktop Software You Can Install On Your Computer

There are times when customers may ask “is there a free remote desktop program?” while considering this feature on their PCs. Fortunately, you can find multiple remote control software in the market for connecting to distant computers. Let’s take a look at the ten most preferable products by the users for remotely connecting to desktops.


TeamViewer is one of the most recommended free remote access software and compatible on various Operating Systems as well as mobile devices. So, you can easily download and install this program on Mac, Windows, even Linux based computers.

This tool allows the users to restart their PCs in Safe Mode and connects to TeamViewer automatically. Also, the setup for this software doesn’t require any router configuration and you can update it easily on the remote device. For those who want to transfer texts, screenshots, images, files, and folders, TeamViewer will be a great choice.

Windows Remote Desktop

This software allows customers to have the most comfortable remote access in a natural way. You don’t need to download any additional programs for it and share necessary files over the connected computers.

Although the program is compatible for Windows devices, you can’t view every OS version remotely. However, to ensure that the Remote Desktop is working properly, you need to check the System Property settings on Windows.

Chrome Remote Desktop

The free versions of Chrome Remote Desktop run along with the Chrome web browser as an extension. So, if you enable this feature, you can remotely access files on your Linux, Mac, and Windows desktops. Even it will allow you to install and access apps on Android devices by means of Google Play.

In case you are having an iOS-based device, you can download mobile apps using Chrome Remote Desktop and connecting to iTunes. Its installation process is very quick and you can enable this free remote desktop tool on multiple monitors. Also, if the host user is not active due to unattended access, you can still work with it.


The remote desktop connection software from pcAnywhere is developed under Symantec, the famous security brand. You can utilize this tool on any PC and remotely access as well as control another device. Using pcAnywhere, you can view archived files, retrieve documents and software.

For troubleshooting any technical issues, customers can use this tool via secure one-to-one connectivity. It works well on Mac, Windows, MS pocket PC, as well as Linux devices for remote utilities.


The remote tool of Radmin is available to users in both free as well as premium version software. While working with Radmin, you will have two different modules to select from. Hence, either you can choose the Client Module or the Server Module. However, to run this tool correctly, both the host and the client side PC needs to have a stable internet or LAN connection.


Seecreen remote control program is entirely portable and small-sized software. It is one of the best tools for on-demand or instant access to remote computers. Also, Seecreen users can have remote support for both text and voice chats while using this software. This is a suitable program if you want to remotely access devices based on MacOS, Linux, and Windows.


The overall design of the remote access tool of ShowMyPC involves to-the-point and a very simple process. Users can create a special URL and remotely connect to your PC using this link. It will allow them to access PCs remotely using a unique ID in form of share password. This software is also portable and can provide remote access to devices spontaneously.


This program enables the customers to remotely access PCs with the help of any web browser. It also provides the optional feature of router port forwards, which the users can avoid in certain cases. For transferring files using DesktopNow, you can utilize a remote file browser.


By choosing the tool of LiteManager, you can store remote access details for around 30 PCs. It enables customers to establish a connection with a device remotely in multiple ways.

Also, there is no need to control the screen while opening the files remotely. For users who don’t want any alerts or notifications while transferring data, the LiteManager tool is best. However, you can use it on computer that runs on either MacOS or Windows.


The free remote desktop software of RemotePC is quite easy to operate and understand. It supports file transfers between remote computers that run Windows and MacOS. In case you want to initiate a chat with another user during the remote access session, RemotePC allows it. You can even record these sessions as video files and operate your PC using a mobile device.

Get The Best Remote Desktop Tool For Yourself

Hopefully, this article has provided you with some relevant information on the best free remote desktop software in the market. However, if you want to know what is the best free remote access software, you can consult a desktop professional or refer to similar articles. Further, go for the software that serves your requirements.

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